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Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas in Lamu

Christmas Day, Lamu, Kenya   Bob and I would like to wish you a very “marry” Christmas as our young friends who handmade some lovely cards for us spelled merry.  We found it to be a new way to look at Christmas or more likely it just highlights how difficult English spelling is for non-native speakers.

Anyway it is a bit unusual to spend a Christian holiday in an Islamic place, though as one of the guides informed us Lamu is changing.  It now has about 25 churches as more Christians from upcountry come to work on the island.  Anyway I like the quiet non- commercial atmosphere with only occasional holiday greetings and music as we wander through the streets.  This place looks a lot like what Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, must have looked like back in time with its narrow streets; no cars and only donkeys for transport.   Last night the sky was dark with bright stars since Lamu is not a well-lit place.

Today we will celebrate by going to Shela beach with the family we are staying with, carry a nice home cooked meal for a picnic, and enjoy swimming in the cool water.

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