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Thursday, March 7, 2013

 Here are all the proverbs that I have been posting on my Facebook page.  Somehow the days fly by but if you want to get these daily it would be best to follow that page. 

Today I am going to have an interview on WLOX TV in Biloxi, Miss. to promote my book.  Then there will be a book signing at the Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art on Saturday March 9 from 11-1pm.

From the calendar "African Wisdom for Life" by Annetta Miller.  Some of these proverbs are of particular interest and very visual with references to butterflies, trees, cattle and dancing. 

"Almost everyone is mad but some people can control their madness." Ugandan proverb for Thursday, March 7.

"If you do not find the key that opens you, nothing will open you." North African proverb for Wednesday, March 6.

"When the drumbeat changes, the dancers must adapt." Burkina Faso proverb for Tuesday, March 5.

"The butterfly that flies among thorns will tear its wings." Liberian proverb for Monday, February March 4.

"Never develop an appetite for the fruits of a tree you cannot climb." African proverb for Sunday March 3.

"When the shadow of a tree is bent, straighten the tree and not the shadow." Sierra Leonean proverb for March 2.

"The wise are polite all over the world but fools are polite only at home."  Togolese proverb for March 1.

"The cattle are as good as the pasture in which they graze." Ethiopian proverb for February 28.

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