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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A little more on the tornado.  Both Bob and I are now back working on our own projects after trying to volunteer and help wherever help was needed last week.  It is doesn't mean that the need has gone away but fortunately the volunteers are still out there, many of them coming from other areas of the country.  A lot of them have had experience with tornadoes and know what it is to need help.  The tornado was on the ground for more than 20 miles so when i drive to other parts of the town and i am surprised to see so many other affected areas.  When we meet a friend the question is always "how did you fare in the storm?"

Today I took a photo of a grand piano that was damaged when the USM Jazz Station building was demolished.  It symbolizes the fact that "the show must go on" especially since it was the music school that got hit the hardest by the storm. 

Here are the African proverbs for the last few day. 

February 20  "The integrity of a person is seen, not in falling, but in rising after each fall."  African proverb

February 19  "You can use what someone is doing today to judge what he will do tomorrow." Nigerian proverb

February 18  "He who lets a snake into his house should know how to get it out."  Tanzanian proverb

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