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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Our community experienced a tornado.  We are fine but two blocks away my neighbors are not.  We were without power for a day and internet for several days.  Anyway I am going to catch up on the days that I missed and then I will write more about the tornado tomorrow. 

The photograph below means a lot to me since so many people had their homes damaged or destroyed. But then their were so many volunteers that have used their hands to help the people who needed help. 

February 17  "A good name shines in the dark."  Swahili proverb

February 16  "Be a neighbor to a human being and not to a fence."  Kenyan proverb

February 15  "A thorn tree is climbed by its knobs, not its thorns."  South African proverb

 February 14  "The heart that truly loves has no room for grudges."  Ghanaian proverb

February 13  "Imitation has destroyed many a person."  African proverb

February 12 "Be sure you stand on solid ground before you stretch out the hand to grab something."  African proverb

February 11 "Slips outnumber falls."  Kenyan proverb

February 10 "The heart of a wise person lies quiet like limpid water."  Cameroonian proverb

February 9  "A calabash with holes cannot be filled."  Kenyan proverb

A home in rural Liberia.  

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